Below are the winners of our 2017 outdoor tournaments, including our glow, coed, women's, and youth divisions! These tournaments are fundraisers for our club program, and are very competitive! These champs played hard at our tournaments, and this page is to recognize their awesome-ness! Never played before? Register HERE!!

YOUTH TRIPLES |12 -14s | June 2nd

Diomena Mercer, Gage Anderson, Rachel Sayer

COED May 29th

Bailey Huber & Jesus Correa

YOUTH TRIPLES | 9-11s | May 29th

Saydee Zimmer, Lily Krumm, Eastyn Parker


GLOW | Women's | June 2nd

Erin Legerski & Kelsee Thompson

GLOW | Coed | June 2nd

Bailey Huber & Ryun Kemerling

GLOW | Youth 9-12 | June 2nd

Stevie Baxter & Breanna Becking

GLOW | Youth 12-14 | June 2nd

Diomena Mercer & Gage Anderson

WOMEN'S June 10th

Jennifer Stadler & Tracy Larsen

MEN'S June 10th

Jose Ochoa & Jesus Correa

COED June 24th

Jose Ochoa & Kindle Kirkham

GLOW | Youth 12-14 | June 30th

Taylor Larsen & Brooke Larsen

GLOW | Youth 9-12 | June 30th

Lauren Smith & Peyton McLaughlin

GLOW | Women's Silver | June 30th

Cassandra Warner & Morgan Stalick

GLOW | Women's Gold | June 30th

Kindle Kirkham & Kira Kirkham

YOUTH TRIPLES | 9-14 | August 5th

Zoe Roop, Taylor Hamilton, Abi Williams

YOUTH TRIPLES | 12-14 | July 8th

Ally Baxter, Micall Hoopes, Mack Boyles

YOUTH TRIPLES | 9-12 | July 8th

Tanya Guptill, Rylee Kogolshak, Brady Nordquist

YOUTH TRIPLES | 14-17 | June  24th

Heather Rubis, Joslyn Strohschien, Heidi Thompson

YOUTH TRIPLES | 9-12 | June 24th

Tanya Guptill, Rylee Kogolshak, Brady Nordquist

YOUTH TRIPLES | 12-14 | June 24th

Sophie Destefano, Katelin Lee, Aniston Beard

PARENT - CHILD | July 24th

Natalee Herbst

PARENT - CHILD | July 11th

Brooke Krumm

PARENT - CHILD | August 10th

Samantha Eliason

GLOW | Adult | July 28th

Dan Larsen & Tracy Larsen

GLOW | Youth 18s | July 28th

Shania Warren & Kailee Becking

GLOW | Youth 14s | July 28th

Taylor Larsen & McKailyn Malles

GLOW | Youth 10s | July 28th

Bree Doke & Alexa Warner

CASPER MEN'S | August 12th

Sergio Rubio & Jose Ochoa

WOMEN'S | August 5th

Jamie Marchetti & Stacey Hastreiter

CASPER WOMEN'S | August 12th

Debra Elliott & Elizabeth Pendegraft

CASPER YOUTH | 10s | August 12th

Mariah Butler, Aisyah Esterline,

Hanna Authement

CASPER YOUTH | 14s Silver | Aug 12th

Peyton Carruth, Logann Alvar, Megan Hagar

CASPER YOUTH | 14s Gold | Aug 12th

Katelynn Campbell, Ryan Skinner,

Alex Bright, Bailey Owne

CASPER YOUTH | 18s | August 12th

Corin Carruth, Izzy Lyons, Sarah Strube


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