Parent/Player Handbook


Players that register for a program/season are not selected to a team, but to a pool of athletes that will be further evaluated once the season begins. We do not feel that the tryout process allows ample time to evaluate the player and accurately place them on a team. This process usually takes 2-3 weeks at the beginning of the season when we will have more than one team at an age division. At Cloud Peak Volleyball, we start each season with a fresh slate and previous placement does not guarantee a spot going forward, nor does it hinder a player from moving up through the ranks.


After your athlete has been placed on a team, Cloud Peak reserves the right to move them to a different team at any time during the season to continue to improve the level of play for all considered. This means that a player may be added to a team during the season, or that a player may be asked to move to another team to better match the player with the appropriate team.


Cloud Peak Volleyball does not guarantee playing time to any player. However, we do believe players are entitled to know what is affecting their playing time as well as be given instruction on how to increase their playing time. We ask that players approach their coach with these questions whenever there might be an issue or concern.

We know that all players want to play and the vast majority of concerns by players and parents involve the amount of playing time that is allocated to the player. The following outlines our general philosophy on playing time:

  • Playing time is not guaranteed, is not equal, and must be earned.

  • Playing time is based on the player's performance at practice and in matches.

  • Athletes are paying to train and for the experience, not for a guaranteed amount of playing time.

  • Your coach will determine who plays and how much. It is our goal that all athletes play as much as possible. Coaches will take into account many factors when determining playing time but the decision is theirs.


The following (but not limited to) factors may affect playing time:

  • Practice attendance

  • Ability to perform under pressure

  • Attitude and Effort

  • Importance of the Match

  • Needs of the Team

Note: If concerns over Playing Time or Team Placement arise, please use the "Communications" tab above to review our "Parent/Player Communication to Club Staff" policy."


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