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Female professional volleyball player wi

If you’re committed, dedicated, and want to take your game to the next level you have come to the right place!

If you want to serve more balls over the net, learn how to do a jump float, or just get quality reps passing, setting, serving or hitting — we’ve got you covered!

Our professional, highly specialized training will give you the skills you need to excel.

All specialized training sessions are with Dani Brinkerhoff.

Hit harder while protecting your shoulder from injury by learning to hit the PowerCore 360 way.

Protect your knees from injury by learning how to jump and land properly.

We help you stay in the game by using the right mechanics!

Send me an email by clicking the link below to rapidly transform your skills.

Athletes will choose 2 skills they want to improve in our 8-week program.

Power Hitting

Radically transform your hitting in just 8 weeks.

✅ Hit harder

✅ Jump higher

✅ Perform better

✅ Load properly

✅ Land safely

✅ Pain free

✅ Prevent common injuries

Hitting is hard.

It also HURTS if you don't do it right.

We train this complex skill in small groups of 4 athletes or less.

Athletes ages 12+ can join our Power Hitting training.

Stay in the game.

Dominate at the net.

Make the best teams in

high school, college, and beyond.



Radically transform your setting in just 8 weeks.

✅ Consistent hand contact

✅ Excellent footwork

✅ Accurate set location

✅ Offensive attack tactics

✅ Improve decision making

Score more points.

Get more assists.

Lead your team for success.

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