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If you’re committed, dedicated, and want to take your game to the next level you have come to the right place!

If you want to serve more balls over the net, learn how to do a jump float, or just get quality reps passing, setting, serving or hitting — we’ve got you covered!

You tell us what you want to work on, and we will give you 60 minutes of skill-specific training.

Hit harder while protecting your shoulder from injury by learning to hit the PowerCore 360 way.

Protect your knees from injury by learning how to jump and land properly.

We help you stay in the game by using the right mechanics!

Train with one of our coaches in small groups of 1-6 athletes. Limited times are available.

Payment must be received before a reservation is confirmed. You can pay online or through Venmo @cloudpeak. 

Summer private lessons will be outdoor on the grass or at the Sheridan YMCA!

Private Lessons

Work with us exclusively to get the most individualized training session possible.

Choose the skill(s) you want to work on.

Passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking, etc.

Sign up for a MONTHLY (3-4 sessions)

training program to get $5 off per session.

Each session is 60-minutes.
1 player: $125

2 players: $90 each

If you can't find a time listed that works for you,

send us a message and we will set up a time that does.

xr team.jpg

Small Group Lessons

Friends that train together, stay together.

Choose the skill(s) you want to work on,

or choose from one of our current club offerings.

Each session is 1-hour.

3 athletes: $65 each

4+ athletes: $50 each

Groups can sign up for one or multiple sessions at a time.

Send us an email titled:

"Small Group Lesson Request"


or click below for one of our current offerings.

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