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Monthly Mentorship

Who is the Alpha?

She is strong and powerful.

Often, she is the best on the team.

Always, she is the best FOR the team.

Because of this, what looks like a gift may feel like a curse.

The Alpha feels pressure to perform on all sides - from her parents, coaches, and teammates.

Perfection is often the standard.

When she falls short, she is her own worst critic.

Being an Alpha isn't easy.

Too many Alpha's are easy to take out. 

Drama and distractions derail them before the game even begins.

Off-the court problems show up and cause mass frustration.

Games that could have been won end in a loss.

Why does this happen?

Because their performance is DEPENDENT.

Dependent on the score, their opponent, their teammates, their coaches...the list could go on and on.

When any player is dependent on things they can't control, their performance will suffer.

How do we solve this?

A True Alpha knows what Dependent Alpha's don't.

A true alpha is never limited or held back by her teammates or coaches.

A true alpha can carry her team, and she loves doing it.

The win or loss is usually in her hands.

That kind of pressure isn't for everyone.

But if you're a true alpha, you live for it.

True alpha's play with passion and bring the right energy to every activity.

Her emotions fuel her purpose but never dictate her actions.

No one influences her thinking against her own will.

That may be her most powerful skill.

True alpha athletes know they can't rely on luck.

They build their skills every single day. Both on and off the court.

Being a True Alpha is an approach to LIFE.

It is who you are.

Being a true alpha requires a unique set of skills

If these are skills you desire, you are in the right place!


Small Group/Private Lessons

Each month includes two private volleyball lessons with Coach Dani. 

These will be 1-on-1 or in a small group of no more than 6 athletes.

Each lesson is 60 minutes long!

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Off-Court Training

Drama and distractions away from the court can damage an athlete's game on the court. Each month, we discuss how to improve interactions with friends and teammates, and remove costly distractions that hurt their game!


Alpha Attitude

Athletes get ongoing support each month for any challenge they are facing.

Their goal is my goal.

Whatever it takes is what we will do.

Are you ready to be a TRUE Alpha?

If you want to develop the skills it takes to BE the one who can deliver the win to any team you are on, then the Alpha Athlete Monthly Mentorship is for you.

CLICK the link below to submit your request to join.

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